The Sardinia Island Extreme is an adventure in total self-sufficiency, this means that you will have to manage in all respects. There you'll have to handle on acquiring water and food, where to sleep. In the GPS track will be nothing indicated anything.

After successful registration, you will receive the GPS track that you will see on your device. From home, you will have the time to plan all the details, while in the information material will be shown the facilities like hotels / B & B / Farm where to stay if you will want to stop you.

The GPS track will be indicated in the structures where you can stop the night or where to eat, of course you are not obliged to stop.



They are of course prohibited "foreign aid" such as vehicles following and supporting planned along the way that would make the bikers do not at the same level.

Fundamental and mandatory standards:


Participants must follow the GPS track in full.

2 days of downtime equates to disqualification.

Helmets and lights are required.

Spot satellite required

Respect the highway code.

Close the gates.

If you meet the flocks, not spaventatele, do not run in the presence of sheepdogs.

If you light a fire to warm, make sure that after are off well.

Each rider is responsible for the proper functioning of the GPS tracking system

Michele Pinna will wait until the 9.00 hours of September 9, 2018, after that date you will be disqualified and you'll have to self-certify their own, but the pasta party will always be valid.


Do not leave garbage around.


Because I am recommend to use the Spot locator device?


Open the security link



If you want that your bike is efficient and not tears of stone, you must ensure that it is at the top, starting from the shell, transmission, brake pads, new chain, support spare change, pedals.

Your clothing should not be low-end, you will not retire because you're soaking wet. It must be able to withstand enough rain, if necessary.

The lights should not be less than 300 lumens.

GPS batteries and lights should be sufficient for the entire raid.

I recommend buying the Eneloop Pro, it is the most powerful in circulation.

Prudence will never be too much, if you are tired you rest, if you're undecided on some technical steps, go on foot, indecision is a funny thing.


These are some reasons and tips that you will also be listed in the information material,

if you respect, you will arrive at the end of the raid without problems.



Good adventure.